Sponsor Street Fair Registration

Sponsor Street Fair Vendor

This form is to complete if you are sponsor of Kla Ha Ya Days.
  • If you need a UBI Number apply here: http://dor.wa.gov/content/doingbusiness/businesstypes/doingbus_tempreg.aspx
  • In case of an emergency at the event who should we contact?
  • BY ENTERING MY NAME IN THE BOX ABOVE I INDICATE AGREEMENT TO THE FOLLOWING TERMS. KLA HA YA DAYS VENDOR AGREEMENT: I wish to participate in Kla Ha Ya Days. The organization or individual(s) identified above shall as a condition of participation, indemnify and hold harmless, the non-profit Kla Ha Days organization, the City of Snohomish, the County of Snohomish and all of their officers, directors, committee members, and volunteers from any and all claims, suits, losses, damages, or expenses on account of bodily injuries or property damage arising out of their participation in the Kla Ha Days Festival. Further, the said individual(s) or organizations will defend, on behalf of the City, County, and the Kla Ha Ya Days organization, all claims or suits for bodily injury or property damage arising out of their participation in the Kla Ha Ya Days Festival. I also understand that any sponsor may, for publication or promotion, use my name or pictures of my participating in this event without obligation or liability to me. I also agree to abide by the Vendor Rules and Regulations attached to this application. I also agree that my booth will be staffed at ALL TIMES.
    Vendor Rules and Regulations BOOTH FEES: Fees are listed on the front page of the application form and are due with the application. Once accepted, there are no refunds. SALES: Products sold at Kla Ha Ya Days Festival may be subject to advance approval. If requested you will need to submit photographs and descriptions of all goods intended to be displayed or sold in your booth. It is the responsibility of each vendor to report their sales at the close of each day to the Vendor Director or designated representative. Sales figures will be used by event organizers to evaluate the event. No individual information will be made available to other parties. SALES TAX: Kla Ha Ya Days Vendors are responsible for collecting applicable state sales tax and reporting all sales to the Washington State Department of Revenue with the local code 3115. SELECTION: All applications are reviewed on the basis of quality and originality with consideration given to balancing types of booths within the Festival. Photos of your goods or services are required. Applicants will be notified of their status by email. HOURS OF OPERATION: All vendors must be open from 10am to 6pm on Saturday and Noon to 4pm on Sunday. No booth may be left unattended during these hours. SET UP: Load in begins Saturday morning at 6:00am. NO EARLY ARRIVALS ALLOWED IN Check in at 116 Union Ave in front of Snohomish City Hall. Staff will be available to help vendors locate their booth space. NO BOOTH WILL BE ALLOWED TO SET UP PRIOR TO THIS TIME. Cars parked in the Street Fair area between 3:00 and 6:00 AM will be impounded. You may bring your vehicle into the Street Fair area after check-in but in no circumstances may you enter or cross 1st Street during setup. All set up must be completed and vehicles removed from the streets by 9:00am SHARP Saturday morning for City inspection. Please display your City Event Permit included in your check-in packet for the City inspectors. BREAKDOWN: Load out begins at 4:00pm on Sunday afternoon. All booths and vehicles must be cleared from the streets before 7:00pm. Contact the Vendor Director immediately if an emergency will prevent you from meeting this deadline. Failure to meet this deadline will result in a fine and impound of your property RESTRICTIONS: 1) Vendors are not allowed to “ROVE” with their merchandise at any time. 2) No booth may be left unattended during hours of operation. 3) No alcoholic beverages, illegal substances, pets, loud music or television and no “hawking” will be allowed in the vicinity of your booth. 5) Items promoting the use of illegal substances as defined by the Vendor Director will not be allowed. SECURITY: Although limited security is provided, we do not recommend leaving your inventory in your booth overnight. YOUR BOOTH AND CONTENTS REMAIN YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. Neither the Kla Ha Ya Days Festival nor the City of Snohomish assumes responsibility for injury to persons, or loss or damage to any property of the vendors, including theft. In submitting this application, applicant agrees to comply with all Festival, state and local regulations, and to save and hold harmless the City of Snohomish, Kla Ha Ya Days Festival, SeaFair, their employees, officers, sponsors and agents from any loss or damage to any persons or property caused by applicant’s operation in connection with Kla Ha Ya Days, and further agrees to defend said Associations and City for any claims for such damage. I HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND THE ABOVE RULES AND REGULATIONS, AND WILL ABIDE BY THEM THROUGHOUT MY ASSOCIATION WITH THE KLA HA YA DAYS FESTIVAL. I UNDERSTAND THERE ARE NO REFUNDS ONCE I REGISTER.