We could not bring Kla Ha Ya Days to life without our sponsors. We’ve been fortunate enough to keep the tradition of this community festival alive for over 100 years—and we hope to celebrate for another 100 years or more with the support of local businesses like yours.

We don’t just organize the festival to have a good time.

Thanks to sponsors like you, we give back over $10,000 to the Snohomish community every year. Taking care of our community and people has always been our priority.

Some of the organizations we’ve been able to help in the past include:

  • Kids’ Café
  • Snohomish Volunteer Search & Rescue
  • Snohomish Fire Explorers
  • Snohomish Sherriff Explorers
  • Snohomish Farmers Market
  • Guardians of the Children
  • Snohomish Education Foundation
  • Snohomish Boys & Girls Club

We’re thankful for your support – as is the rest of the community.

Of course, the real benefit of your sponsorship is knowing how many people you have helped within Snohomish.

You will also be able to publicize your business logo on our website and throughout the festival, showing your business’s goodwill to the community.

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