Discover the various ways you can participate and
contribute to the Kla Ha Ya days festival.

Why Participate in Kla Ha Ya Days?

By participating in the festival as a vendor, sponsor, or
volunteer, you can showcase your products and
services, support the community, and have a
memorable experience.

Opportunities to Participate

Explore the exciting opportunities to participate available at the
Kla Ha Ya Days festival.




Find answers to common questions about participating
in Kla Ha Ya Days.

To participate in Kla Ha Ya Days, you must meet certain requirements. These may include being a registered vendor, sponsor, or volunteer, depending on the event you wish to participate in. Please refer to the specific event pages for more information.

Signing up for Kla Ha Ya Days is easy! Simply visit the Participate section of our website and navigate to the specific event you are interested in. There, you will find the necessary forms and instructions to complete your registration.

Some events at Kla Ha Ya Days may have associated costs for participation. These costs can vary depending on the type of participation and the specific event. Please review the event details for more information on any fees or expenses.

Deadlines for participation in Kla Ha Ya Days events may vary. It is important to check the event pages for specific deadlines and submit your registration or application before the stated date. Late submissions may not be accepted.

Yes, you can bring your own booth for certain events at Kla Ha Ya Days. However, please note that there may be specific guidelines and requirements for booth setup. Make sure to review the event details for any restrictions or instructions.


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